The Cube Rechargeable Outdoor Light

The ‘'Cube Collection'' outdoor light is based upon ecologically friendly LED technology. It is very efficient, water resistant, nearly unbreakable and can produce a traditional white illumination or select one of seven different colors.

Plug into any regular electrical outlet to charge. A charge will take 5 hours to fully recharge the batteries.

The Dice will produce 5 – 8 hours of light. It has four color selections or can be set to rotate continuously.

The Cube and Big Cube have a low, high and medium light settings and will produce 8 – 20 hours of light depending upon the setting the light is set to. They have seven color selections plus white or can be set to rotate continuously.

The LED bulbs have a 50,000 – 80,000 hour life.

The Cube can be controlled manually by controls on the bottom or by downloading an app to your smartphone.

Product ID# 243004

Dice: 10'' x 10''
Cube: 14'' x 14''
Big Cube: 17'' x 17''
Estimated Ship Time: 7-10 days
Dice - 10'' x 10'' - $165.00
Cube - 14'' x 14'' - $295.00
Big Cube - 17'' x 17'' - $350.00
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Tested: May-26-2024