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Lighted Lounge Cube and Milo Table

The Serranlunga Lighted Lounge Cube and Milo table will rotate through several different colors or can be commanded to show only one color or to display white only.

The Cube has a top that is slightly concave for comfortable sitting.

Both come with a 9W LED bulb and have a 10' long electrical cord.

The LED can be set to continuously rotate through eight different colors; white, yellow, red, pink, purple, orange, green and blue. Or you can select it to display only one color or white light only. A remote control is included. One remote can be used for any number of lights.

When not in use they will be white in color.

This is a commercial grade product that is almost break-proof when knocked. The color finish extends throughout so it will not chip or peel and will not show a different color if scratched.

The Cube and Milo come with a 2 year manufacturer's warranty. Manufactured in Italy.

Product ID# 272028

15'' x 15'' x 15''H
20'' x 20'' x 19''H
24'' x 24'' x 23''H.
Estimated Ship Time: 8 weeks
Lighted Cube - 15'' x 15'' - $650.00
Lighted Cube - 20'' x 20'' - $850.00
Lighted Milo - $1,195.00
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Tested: May-29-2024