Rooftop Terrace Gardens

Furniture, flooring, foliage and planters.

Rooftop Terrace Gardens, Gardening

For urban dwellers a multi-functional rooftop terrace creates an outdoor patio and garden for a peaceful getaway and a place to entertain.

Even with a lack of space in the city, rooftop gardens are flourishing, designer Don Statham.of Bloom Design explained to the followers of our Home Infatuation blog.

Rooftop gardens offer innovative ways to expand a space, especially if you have the room, he says. A new generation of products and technologies for the rooftop garden makes it easier to create a flow between indoors out. For example the right furniture is essential functional, all-weather individual seating areas which host big comfy sofas, armchairs and chaise lounges as well as practical stackable pieces.

Kati Curtis of Nirmada Interior Architecture and Design adds that instead of heading off to the beach on Fridays many of her clients are investing in their outdoor space by creating a summertime getaway on their rooftops. Furnishing a small outdoor space can definitely be a challenge. We have selected several items from our collections that may help you accomplish your goal.

Visit our blog for more information on rooftop terrace designs.

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