Patio Umbrella Base

Decorative umbrella base stands in square and round shapes.

Patio Umbrella Base, Stand.

Patio umbrella bases are made in almost as many varied shapes, sizes and colors as the patio umbrellas they were designed for.

When choosing an umbrella base there are a few points you should look at before you buy.

If the base will be used for an umbrella that will also be used with a table, make sure you check the amount of clearance room you have between the ground or patio surface and the legs of the table. Some umbrella bases are too high to fit below some tables.

If the umbrella you have will not be used with a table it's a good idea to buy a base that has an extended base tube that will give it the needed support.

Also make sure to match the weight of the umbrella base with the diameter of the umbrella and the wind conditions that are normal for your area.

A 40-75 lb base is fine for most umbrellas up to 9' in diameter if they are being used with a table.

Umbrellas larger then 9' in diameter and in areas that have higher then normal winds should have at least 75lb to over 100 lb bases.

Consider these few points before your buy your patio umbrella base and you have a better chance of being happy with your purchase.

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