Missed Tree Illuminated Planter

The stylish contemporary design of this illuminated planter will fit perfectly in the home or outdoors on the patio.

They are available in matte colors or in an illuminated style.

The two lighted versions come with a 9W LED bulb, remote control and a 10’ long electrical cord

The LED can be set to continuously rotate through several different colors or you can select it to display only one color or white light only.

When not in use they will be white in color.

Rotational molded of a high quality polyethylene resin that is very weather resistant in all climates and is available with a smooth finish in several fade resistant mat finish colors.

This is a commercial grade product that is almost break-proof when knocked. The color finish extends throughout the planter so it will not chip or peel and will not show a different color if scratched.

The inside of the planter has a molded basin for planting that is not removable. It comes without drainage holes but they can be easily drilled.

A stainless steel base that can be attached to the floor surface if needed is also available.

2 year manufacturer’s warranty. Made in Italy.

Product ID# 272080

Double Arm: 78.75''H x 16.75'' Base Dia. x 29.75'' W Top.
Tall Leg Basin: 11.25'' Dia. x 14''H
Short Leg Basin: 8.5''Dia. x 12''HSingle Tall: 62.75''H x 16.75''Base x 11.5'' W Top.
Basin: 10.75''Dia. x 12''H
Estimated Ship Time: 8 weeks
Missed Tree - Double Arm - LED - $2,495.00
Missed Tree - Single Arm - LED - $1,995.00
Missed Tree - Double Arm - $2,295.00
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Missed Tree - Single Arm - Tall - $1,795.00
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Stainless Steel Base - 17'' x 17'' - $510.00
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Tested: May-19-2022