Vaso Lighted Indoor-Outdoor Planter

The Serralunga Vaso lighted planter will rotate through several different colors or can be commanded to show only one color or to display white only.

The Vaso is available in a 9W LED or 20W compact fluorescent bulb. They come with a 10' long electrical cord

The LED version can be set to continuously rotate through eight different colors; white, yellow, red, pink, purple, orange, green and blue. Or you can select it to display only one color or white light only. A remote control is required for the LED version. One remote can be used for any number of lights.

The compact fluorescent version will display white light only and does not require a remote control. The light turns on when you plug in the cord and turns off when you unplug the cord.

When not in use the Vaso will be white in color.

On optional stainless steel mounting plate is also available. The plate attaches to the bottom of the table and can then be screwed to the floor surface. Floor mounting screws are not included.

It is rotational molded of a high quality polyethylene resin that is very weather resistant in all climates and has a smooth finish. This is a commercial grade product that is almost break-proof when knocked.

The inside of the planter has a molded basin for planting that is not removable. An interior hose for drainage exits at the bottom of the planter.

The Vaso comes with a 2 year manufacturer's warranty. Manufactured in Italy.

There is no shipping and handling charge for this product.
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Vaso Lighted Indoor-Outdoor Planter
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Product ID:  #272032
Dimensions:  36.5''L x 10.5''W x 27.5''H. Planting Basin: 34''L x 7.5''W x 6''D
Estimated Ship Time:  8 weeks

Lighted Vaso - Fluorescent $809.95
Lighted Vaso - LED $929.95
LED Remote $21.00
Mounting Plate $12.00

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