Indoor Outdoor Rugs

Indoor-Outdoor Area Rugs made of woven fibers in round, square, and rectangular shapes.

Indoor, outdoor patio area rugs

Decorative woven outdoor rugs can enhance your outdoor living space by adding a decorative splash of color and creating a visually more inviting area with the contrast between the softness of the rug and a hard surface of brick, tile or wood.

Aside from the design benefits woven rugs also provide many functional aspects.

They can create traction in high slip areas, absorb excessive noise that bounces off the hard surfaces of patios and decks and they certainly are more comfortable to walk on barefoot.

When choosing a woven outdoor rug always take into consideration that the performance and longevity of it depends greatly on the construction and type of materials used.

Regular vacuuming and spot washing spills and stains will also help extend the life of your outdoor rugs.

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